Dirilis Ertugrul In Urdu Dubbing & Urdu Subtitle

About Ertugrul Ghazi

This drama is number 1 in Pakistan. There are 5 seasons of this drama. The play tells the story of Ertugrul Ghazi, how he fought the enemy and saved his tribe from the enemy. Ertugrul Ghazi goes out in the way of Allah and has many enemies and many friends. His enemies once burned his tribe and Ertugrul Ghazi lived in his uncle’s tribe for a few years. He conquered many forts and also Hanley Bazaar. It brought prosperity to his tribe. Its greatest enemies are the Mongols and the Byzantines. It fights them both. His Sultan becomes his friend after seeing his performance. And the Sultan helps him a lot. And Ertugrul obeys every order of his Sultan. Then both Sultan and Ertugrul fight the enemy together. Sultan then gives Ertugrul the place of the gift. Ertugrul fought many battles with the Crusaders for this place. He then conquers the gift. And then Bantin and the Mongols try to get a gift from him, but they fail. Because at that time, the status quo of Ertugrul increases in its progress. And after that, he takes the fort from the Crusaders. He has 3 sons. Who are very brave The eldest is named Gunduz, the second is named Sauchi and the third is Usman. Usman is like his father Ertugrul. In the last episode of the last season, Ertugrul goes to war and his drama ends there.