Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle

This is the Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitle. All Seasons OF Nizam e Alam (Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) With Urdu Subtitle & Urdu Dubbing.

Sultan Jalaluddin Muhammad Khawarizm Shah Manbakarni Episode No. 1

Central Asia has been the cradle of the world’s greatest civilizations. The region has seen great revolutions. We have seen human civilizations being formed and destroyed. This is a very large area. Historically called Turkestan, it included Chinese Turkestan, Russian Turkestan, and parts of Afghanistan.

Central Asia still covers an area of ​​4 million square kilometers. Turkestan currently has five Soviet-era republics, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
The area across the Jihan River is called the Maura Canal.

It was also called Todan. The Turkic race is close to the Mongols. As a result of Arab conquests, the region became rich in Islamic wealth. Before Islam, there was an emphasis on Buddhism and Magianism.

First, the Tahiri stained the image of a semi-independent government. The Saffarids abolished it and established a vast independent empire. Which the Samanids overthrew and occupied the whole of Central Asia.

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After the Samanids, the Ghaznavids and after them. the Ghauri ruled and then the Seljuks laid the foundation of a great empire. The Khwarazm dynasty was established under the auspices of the Seljuk dynasty. and when the rising star of the Seljuk dynasty set.

So the invasion of Genghis Khan, which emerged as a great empire in the Islamic world, shook the foundations of this empire. But the last ruler of this empire, Jalaluddin Kharazm Shah, is still the beloved hero of the Central Asian states.

To commemorate him, statues have been erected and coins have been engraved on him. Although the book under review contains the same circumstances of Jalaluddin Manbakarni. It also takes into account the needs of those interested in the history of the area.

It is hoped that this will be equally useful for teachers and students. The courts of all these families who came to power were painted in Iranian colors. All of them developed the Persian language.
The Persian-speaking father of Adam Rudki was associated with the Samani court.

Nizam E Alam Episode 01 Urdu Subtitles Full HD

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In Mahmud’s court there were famous Poets like Ferdowsi and Farkhi. In the Seljuk period, there was a poet like Anwari. The Khwarizm Shahis had Rashiduddin and Watwat. The Persian language was revived during this period. and is still understood throughout Central Asia and Chinese Turkestan.

The Turkish ruler was Sahib Saif and Qalam. There was a time when there was a Turkish government in the whole Islamic world. Including the Mamluks of Egypt, who were in fact Turks. Most of the rulers of the subcontinent were also Turks and all of them belonged to Central Asia.

The real imprint on the building of our Islamic world is that of Central Asia. Wherever you go, you will see almost identical buildings. Their craftsmen were Turks, even the designers of both. the Minar-e-Pakistan and the Faisal Mosque, which are held in high esteem in Pakistan, were Turks.

The Kharazm Shahis founded a great empire but unfortunately could not compete with Genghis Khan’s locust army. But at that time Sultan Jalaluddin Khawarizm Shah kept his breath in the nose of the Mongols from Central Asia to Baghdad.

And the deeds of this brave

Man will be remembered by the world. This book is also based on the introduction of Central Asia and the achievements of Jalaluddin. Hopefully, its study will help to read about the rise and fall of different families. In Central Asia and our religion, culture and influence in Central Asia.

Central Asia is a hero unparalleled in Islamic history. At that time, he decided to fight against the Mughals. When the whole Islamic world was in a state of conflict, he fought against other rulers besides the Mughals for 20 years and his success kissed his feet. He is still an ideal hero for the people of Uzbekistan.

Many monuments have been erected and pictures have been made on the coins. When it got into Genghis Khan’s gorge, he threw the horse into the Indus River from the top of the mountain. and jumped to the other side.

A man like Genghis Khan also put his finger in his mouth in surprise and gave his sons to him. He described it as a model of bravery and courage. The history of Central Asia begins with the invasions of the Muslims. and they became followers of Islam as soon as they saw the stronghold of Buddhism.

In contrast to the Abbasid government. the Samanids established the first independent government in Central Asia. first by the Tahiri and then by the Sagharis. but these were local small-scale governments.

After him the Ghaznavids

Laid the foundation of a great empire and after them the Seljuk and Khwarizm emperors were also their patrons. Since all these governments are in cahoots with each other, their circumstances were also recorded. so that the whole picture of Central Asia could be presented to the readers.

After this, the rise of Genghis Khan and the struggle of Khawarizm Shah have been highlighted. (Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 1). so that his deeds may come to the fore. hope that Jalaluddin Muhammad was a soldier of the Islamic world. who bravely faced the likes of Genghis Khan.

When Genghis Khan blocked all avenues, he bravely jumped off a cliff into the Indus River. including his horse, and crossed the river on sight. After that he spent a lot of time in Kohistan-e-Namak. There were also wars with Qayah and Yildiz and they finally ended.

In our area, the Sultan made Khokhar his supporter by marrying the daughter of Rai Shankar Khokhar. As long as the Sultan remained in Kohistan Namak, two forts are known by his name. One is the fort of Samar Kand near Imam Meera and the other is known as Talajha in Khushab district.

Khwarizm Shah was considered

To be the most powerful in the world of Islam but due to the cowardice of his father in front of Genghis Khan. he did not get any relief and he kept on chewing the noses of Malik Alik Mongols. and as long as he lived he made them happy Did not breathe.

He always failed to defeat the Sultan. The real history of Central Asia begins with the conversion of the Turks to Islam. (Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 1). and the credit for this goes to the spiritual leader of the Turks, Hazrat Ahmad Yaswi. Whose name is still taken with great respect.

The Turks established great empires after converting to Islam. The first independent empire from the Arab influence was Daulat Tahiriyah. then Saffariya was established, then the Samanids established a great empire and its capital was Bukhara.

He was followed by Ghaznavids.

He also ruled over Central Asia. After his downfall, the Seljuks came and after that. the Khwarizm dynasty was established which was given by the Seljuks. This book will be a treasure trove of information for those interested in Central Asia. and will be equally useful for students and teachers.

Finally, I would like to thank Ahmad Riaz-ul-Huda. Professor of History, Sargodha University, for making this difficult task easier for me by providing rare books. (Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 1). It is strange that he lived in Khushab district of Punjab for many years.

He built the fort of Namak Talajah in Kohistan for the summer. which still remembers him. But no one mentioned it. I am grateful to my son Ahmad Riaz-ul-Huda, Professor Sargodha University. and my daughter Fauzia Batool, Assistant Professor, Government College for Women. For compiling this book and for providing me with rare books.

In this regard, I am also very grateful to Mr. Gul Faraz for taking the responsibility of printing and helping me to reach out to the people.

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