Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 12 With Urdu Subtitle

This is the Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 12 With Urdu Subtitle. All Seasons OF Nizam e Alam (Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) With Urdu Subtitle & Urdu Dubbing.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 12 In English

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Islam Shah was a very cunning and bloodthirsty ruler. He did not give the slightest importance to his elder brother Adil Shah Suri, so the important generals of Sher Shah. And the Allied tribes got into a mental conflict.

Sher Shah always tried to keep the formula Pathans of Odh and the newcomers to north-western Punjab. And adjoining areas happy, as both tribes were important to his warlike needs. When Jalal Shah Suri (Islam Shah) declared the kingdom.

The Pathan chiefs and generals of other tribes plotted to save Sher Shah’s kingdom from bloodshed so that the two brothers (Adil Shah and Jalal Shah) could be reconciled. Seeing the stubbornness and bloodshed of Islam Shah.

The chiefs compelled Adil Shah to come to Kalingar from Rawa and attend the coronation of his younger brother. So that the fear of rebellion and civil war would be removed from the hearts of the emperors and the army.

Khawas Khan, the ruler of Jodhpur, Jalal Khan bin Jalwas Rai of Harmara, Isa Khan Niazi of Nagore, Burmajit Gore of Ajmer, Adil Shah, the real heir to the throne, wanted to rule. But he found out that Hebat Khan Niazi of Punjab And others have declared their support for Islam Shah.

Nizam e alam Episode 12 In Urdu

So everyone has remained silent for the sake of peace. Despite the peace, Islam Shah planned to assassinate Adil Shah, but Adil Shah went into hiding. Khawas Khan and Issa Khan Niazi revolted against dishonesty and infidelity and attacked Fatehpur Sikri.

Islam Shah escaped and took refuge in Chinar fort. It was decided that when Adil Shah’s army reached near Agra, all the tribal chiefs would leave with Islam Shah. As it is in the Pakhtun tradition that nothing of the Pathan chiefs is final and at the same time they turn their backs on the battlefield.

The same thing happened with Adil Shah. Apart from Khawas Khan, Isa Khan Niazi and Hebat Khan Niazi met other generals and tribal chiefs Islam Shah. At a distance of 10 km from Agra, a bloody battle took place between the supporters of Adil Shah and Islam Shah.

Fighting continued throughout the day and fierce fighting ensued on both sides. Khawas Khan and Niazi Lashkar fought hard against Islam Shah but in the darkness of night Adil Shah’s Lashkar dispersed from the battlefield.

Khawas Khan marched with his army

Towards Sir Hind and Adil Shah with a few of his comrades marched towards Bandhil Khand. Isa Khan Niazi first went to Mewat and then came to Sirhind clearing his way and met Khawas Khan.

Hebat Khan Niazi sought help from Punjab and planned a decisive battle with Islam Shah near Ambala. Meanwhile, Khawas Khan and Isa Khan Niazi also joined Hebat Khan and handed over the command of a large army to Hebat Khan.

Hebat Khan and Isa Khan’s intentions faltered and instead of restoring Adil Shah’s rule, they devised a secret plan to establish their own government. Islam Shah suffered heavy losses in the battle of Anbala.

Khawas Khan’s army fought valiantly and saved the Niazi army from complete destruction. Islam Shah withdrew his army from the field and encamped at a distance of twenty kos from Anbala. Meanwhile, the intentions of Khawas Khan Konyazis came to light.

Khawas Khan was a brave general and a devout man. He was a loyal ally of Sher Shah Suri and a sincere supporter of Adil Shah. When the Niazis openly declared their rule, many Afghan chiefs, including Khawas Khan, left with him.

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