Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle

This is the Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle. All Seasons OF Nizam e Alam (Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) With Urdu Subtitle & Urdu Dubbing.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 14 In English

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The Jats, Niazis, and non-Rajput tribes of Punjab also seceded from the War of Independence. On Monday, General Nicholson of Pathan spread rumors through his agents. that those who would secede from Rai Ahmad Nawaz’s Rajput Lashkar.

Would be given land and high positions by the government. Akia and many more feudal lords, Khan Bahadur, Gaddi Nasheen, and Tamandar were born whose descendants are still ruling today. The Ghakhars of Punjab and border areas either sided with the British or remained silent.

Attock’s Chachi, Khanzada, and Khattar were divided into two parts. Most of the tribes went with Hayat Khan Khattar while a small number sided with Sardar Kala Khan Khattar. In the battle of Margalla, Sardar Kala Khan Khattar attacked General Nicholson’s command post.

Nicholson was seriously injured and Sardar Hayat Khan Khattar picked him up. and took him to Wah Garden but he succumbed to his injuries and went to hell. News of Nicholson’s death was mourned in Mianwali, Bannu, Kohat, Lakki Marwat, Hazara, Dera, and Peshawar.

After the defeat of Doomily, the Niazis maintained a relationship of obedience first with the Mughals and later with the British.

Due to the lack of courageous and tough leadership like Hebat Khan Niazi. And Issa Khan Niazi. the Niazi alliance could not be maintained and no leader could form the Niazi Lashkar.

Nizam E Alam episode 14 in urdu

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Khan Zaman Khan Niazi took part in the battle of Panipat but could not get any major military or political position in return. Some historians have written that Niazi, Lodhi, Sherwani, and Suri are children of the same father. but this statement needs further research.

It is very interesting to mention that after the last battle between Islam Shah. and Hebat Khan Niazi, Hebat Khan invaded Kashmir along with Jammu.

It is written that Hebat Khan was planning an attack on Kashmir. with the Raja of Jammu when Mirza Haider informed the Prime Minister of Kashmir.

Mirza Haider was Humayun’s cousin and Babar’s son-in-law. Mirza Haider Dughlat (author of Tarikh-e-Rashidi) is an eyewitness to the battles of China and Qanooj. When Humayun was defeated, Mirza Haider came to Kashmir to save his life.

And became not only famous for his intellect but also became the political patron of the Czech rulers. Mohammad Din Fauq, quoting the statement of Hayat Lodhi, author of “Shaukat Afghania” in the history of Kashmir.

Wrote that when Hebat Khan wanted to occupy Kashmir with Hakim Rajouri, Mirza Haider sent Hussain Magra and Bahram Khan Chak to suppress Hebat Khan.

There was a bloody battle between the two sides in which Niazi women also took part. Begum Rabia Bibi of Humayun Azam (Hebat Khan) took command of the women’s contingent and fought till the end. Rabia Bibi killed Chuck Commander Sardar Lai Chuck with her own hands.

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