Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitle

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 16, Sultan kills Andrea and goes to Coyle Castle. At Coyle Castle, he made a treaty with the emperor’s brother. Under the peace treaties, the Byzantine Seljuk paid 2,000 gold coins a year, and at the same time increased the number of Muslim merchants.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 16 Review

The Turkan Haton trapped Elchen Hatun and he too made a deal. At the palace, Nizam-ul-Mulk stood up with Tarna’s treatment. A soldier informed him of Sankar’s arrest. He went and got Sanker out of jail.

Marcos attacked the Sultan as he was returning from Kovale Castle. They fought there but when the Sultan was in a difficult situation and he wounded Hassan Saba and arrived with the Tajul Mulk soldiers.

In Episode 15 of Evans Buick Silcoclo, Nizam-ul-Mulk summoned Ghazali and he confirmed the book. Sultan arrived at the palace injured. Doctors treated him but Sultan could not grasp the sword.

The Sultan summoned Tajul Mulk and Hassan Sabah and slapped them both. The Sultan then called Sanker and Arslantic and spoke to them. Sankar told the Sultan about the book and he wanted to bring the book. Nizam-ul-Mulk confirmed this and the Sultan gave him the mission to bring the secret book.

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Sanker went after the book. The Sultan hanged Rustam and freed Arsalantic, but he became a special soldier. Batni attacked Sankar several times but each time Sankar successfully organized and killed him. Hassan Sabah himself went after the book.

On the other hand, Marcos was behind Sankar when Hassan Sabah sent Bahram to help him and kill Sankar. Hassan Sabah received the book, but his misfortune was that Sankar was right behind him and had a sword around his neck.

What happened in Evanis Boyuk Cellulo Episode 16?

In the 16th episode of Evans Biok Selkoklo, Senkar captures Hassan Sabah but Marcos arrives. They started fighting and Tipper also reached there. In the fight, Hassan Sabah’s arm was injured. In addition, Marcos’ arm was injured and he started running.

Marcos’ brother picked up the secret book bag and started running, but Sanker also ran after him. In the 16th episode of Evans Beyuk Selkoklo, Kamash brought a letter in which the Turkish maid’s special maid confessed that she had done everything and that the Turko Haton was innocent.

The Sultan took charge of Hatton from him. The Sultan ordered Elchen Hatton to go to Anatolia because if the situation was not brought under control, the situation there would worsen. She left the palace.

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Marcos arrives but his brother is missing. He sent his men after him. The sensor was running after him and he finally caught it. He fought but Sankar killed him and took revenge on his father Sultan Malik Shah and took a secret book from him.

Marcos’ soldiers attacked Elchen Hatton because he had ordered Elchen Hatton to be killed. They killed him nearby, but another Sultan’s wife, Zubeida Hatoon, arrived and rescued him and killed everyone. Zubeida Hatoon reached the palace where she was received by the Sultan.

Nizam E Alam Episode 16 Urdu Subtitles Full HD

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He appointed women leaders through the Sultan. In Episode 16, Evans Buick Silcocloo brings Hassan Sabah in the presence of Sankar Sultan. But Nizam-ul-Mulk saved him from the Sultan so that he could deceive Sabah. The Sultan saved his life but ordered him to stay in the palace.

The Sultan asked Sankar to be his guest at night and Sankar accepted.  The body of Marcos’ brother was in front of them and he had promised to take revenge on his brother with Sankar. In Episode 16 of Yankee Beyk Cellucco, Sultan talks to Sankar about his martyred father and mother at a dinner.

When Tapar was called “Baslo Anna”, the Sultan asked Sankar about his mother’s name. Sanker said his mother’s name is Basulo. The Sultan told him that Tapar’s mother’s name was also Basulo. The Sultan gave him a gift.

Senkar met Torna and after a brief meeting he moved to his tribe. In the tribe, while he was talking to his mother, Tapir arrived with Sefria Haton. Cepheria recognized Basulo Hatton and told Tipper that his mother had not died. Tipper said she has lost her mind and makes mistakes in recognizing people.

One Separately, Basuvolo and Seferia talked to each other. In Episode 16 of Evanice Buick Silcoclo, Marcos attacks Kink Obasi’s caravan. They killed Kirkut B and all the other men and women. Arslantik was injured and so was Senker’s mother.

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