Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitle

This is the Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitle. All Seasons OF Nizam e Alam (Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) With Urdu Subtitle & Urdu Dubbing.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 5 In English

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From the very beginning of the Abbasid rule, the Iranians had the idea of establishing their own government. Due to the breakdown of the Abbasid system of government, most of the people took advantage of the chaos.

And succeeded in establishing independent sovereign states in the name of their families. Among them Banu Tahir Saffar and Banu Saman are notable. These governments were apparently subordinate to the Caliph of Baghdad, but in reality they breathed a sigh of relief.

Tahir’s military service:

Tahir bin Hussain was a slave of Mamun. When Amin led an army against Mamun in 809, Mamun sent Tahir as his commander-in-chief to compete with his general Ali ibn Isa. Tahir encamped at Ray’s place. And appointed spies on all sides to keep abreast of the movement and advance of the royal army.

Ali was so proud of his power that he did not remember Tahir and said that the army and the general should be made a slave?. As soon as we meet, he will turn his back and run away. If he stays on the battlefield for a while, I will finish his work first.

When other army chiefs tried to persuade him that at least a spy should be appointed for his own protection. and a trench should be dug around the army, Ali did not listen. and replied that such arrangements were not made for an experienced captain. That for a slave.

Tahir not only defeated Baghdadi’s army with a short army of 4,000 and Ali’s army of 50,000. But Ali also received an arrow that ended there. His army obeyed. Tahir sent Ali’s head to Mamun in a man. Mamun was very happy about this victory and sent more troops to help Tahir.

The defeat of the second Baghdadi army:

When Fazl ibn Rabi ‘heard of Ali’s defeat, he became very frightened. And sent’ Abd al-Rahman ibn Jabala with twenty thousand troops to fight Tahir. Tahir defeated him twice near Hamdan and forgave him and ordered him to occupy the whole of Iraq and Ajam.

Tahir’s third victory:

After Abdul Rahman, Tahir was to face two generals, Ahmed bin Mazid and Abdullah bin Hamid. But instead of fighting, Tahir spread the rumor through his spies that you are here and salaries are being distributed in Baghdad.

The Sipah insisted on going back. Nachar Ahmed and Abdullah went back without a fight. When Tahir turned towards Ahwaz, Muhammad bin Yazid fought him but was killed. Due to these successive victories.

Tahir’s terror increased to such an extent that the emperors and officials would run away as soon as they heard his name. So when Hakim Wasit heard of Tahir’s arrival, he fled the city.
He then revoked Amin’s oath of allegiance from the authorities of Kufa.

Basra and Mosul and took a written oath of allegiance from Mamun. With this allegiance, the whole of Iraq came under the control of Mamun.

Conquest of Baghdad:

After the conquests of Kufa, Basra and Mosul, Tahir marched on Madinah and captured it and encamped on the banks of the Sarsar Canal near Baghdad. Amin sent several armies against him.
But Tahir defeated them all.

Tahir took Amini Sardar Hussain bin Ali with him. Hussein deposed and arrested Amin in 811 AH according to Rajab 196 AH. But the people of the city killed Hussein and freed Amin. Tahir decided to conquer Baghdad at all costs. So, on the one hand.

He ordered to besiege himself and on the other hand, he started throwing stones at the catapults. The people of the city became tired and came to the shelter of Tahir. Even Kotwal met Tahir. Seeing this situation, Amin wanted to flee to Syria, but Tahir did not allow his plan to be fulfilled.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles

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He was forced to take refuge. Tahir was a non-Arab. He did not want to surrender to her. He preferred every sama to that. Because he was of Arab descent. Everybody gladly accepted the asylum application and assured him that he would protect her life at all costs.

Tahir was very upset when he heard about this. He knew that if Amin went to the shelter of Har Samma. So the victory of Baghdad will be attributed to him. So he secretly deployed soldiers around Amin’s palace to kill him as soon as they started approaching him. Amin heard about this guard.

So he wanted to run away by boat. When he got on the boat, Tahir’s men threw stones at him and sank the boat. But the sailor somehow managed to save Amin. But Tahir’s soldiers caught him and imprisoned him and killed him at night.

According to Muharram 198 AH, on Friday 813 AH, Tahir entered the mosque and recited a sermon in the name of Mamun and gave general order to the people of the city.

Army coup against Tahir:

After the conquest of Baghdad, the Mamun forces demanded a salary from Tahir. But he did not have any wealth or treasury so he kept postponing them by making promises. But for how long?.

Eventually the army revolted against him and no one remained with him except a few chiefs. Tahir fled Baghdad. But a few days later, the rebels regained consciousness and their chiefs came to Tahir and apologized.

Tahir’s defeat:

On the assassination of Amin, Nasr ibn Thabit, a chief of Aleppo, raised the issue of revolt by raising the question of Arabic and Ajami and occupied many of the surrounding areas. Fazl ibn Sahl was already on the lookout to send Tahir away from Baghdad if given the chance.

So that he can do whatever he wants. Immediately Mamun sent a decree to Tahir that you are appointed governor of Syria, Mosul and the island. So leave Baghdad and go there immediately and exploit Nasr.

Tahir, who was handed over to Hassan bin Sahl, the brother of Fazl, the emirate of Baghdad, was devastated by this mistreatment. Badal competed against Nasr but was defeated. Nasr rebelled for the whole eleven years.

Tahir’s son Abdullah was tasked with his repression, which forced him to make peace after five years of continuous fighting. At first, he did not accept the condition of attending the Khilafah court, but later he agreed and appeared before Mamun in 210 AH. Which blindfolded him.

Mamun enters Baghdad:

When Mamun received the news of the chaos in Baghdad, he immediately had Fazl ibn Sahl killed on the way to Baghdad at Sarkhs. He stayed in Tus for a few days and recited the Fatiha at his father’s mausoleum.

When he reached Nehruwan, he was received by Tahir bin Hussain. In return for his previous services, the caliph bestowed on the island’s emirate, Baghdad, a qatwali and a priceless khilaat.

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